Ann Marie Puig offers tips to aspiring female entrepreneurs

It’s a decent time to begin a business — particularly in case you’re a female entrepreneur. In the course of the past three decades, the quantity of businesses owned by women has expanded substantially, from 402,000 in 1972 to 12.3 million in 2018. Today, four out of every ten companies in the U.S. is owned […]

Ann Marie Puig offers sound strategies for B2B marketing

When considering B2B advertising methodologies, a few organizations consider, for the most part, immediate or outbound choices with an end goal of becoming influential and to catch the group of viewers’ consideration to get them to interface with the business. While this is positively an indispensable piece of any promoting arrangement, it isn’t the main […]

Ann Marie Puig offers tips for women starting their own business

Beginning a business isn’t simple. Regardless of whether it’s picking a business thought, making a marketable strategy or endeavoring to verify funding, a great deal of things can turn out badly. Nonetheless, with a strong idea and a solid emotionally supportive network, a female entrepreneur can turn into an effective business person. Costa Rican entrepreneur […]

Ann Marie Puig offers suggestions on how to choose the proper niche market

The process of coming up with new ideas and then converting those ideas into successful businesses varies depending on the entrepreneur. Some are born from a previous product or offering, some are born out of the need to fill a void. Regardless of how it’s created, the idea has to find a certain niche and […]

Ann Marie Puig Visits Necker Island With Sir Richard Branson

Costa Rican entrepreneur Ann Marie Puig participates in a unique experience with Sir Richard Branson and 49 others on Branson’s Necker Island. Necker Island got its start as the private playground for Virgin Airlines founder Sir Richard Branson and quickly became one of the hottest remote destinations in the world. The extroverted entrepreneur recently invited […]