Ann Marie Puig offers tips on how to motivate employees to engage in the workplace

A great many people know about the use of the employee suggestion box in the workplace – a physical box that is typically mounted on a wall somewhere that allows employees to provide suggestions. However, it often only collects dust, trash and off-color comments from frustrated employees. Notwithstanding, worker recommendations can be an amazing driver […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses key trends of the online shopping experience

The eCommerce industry is an unequivocally developing area giving no indications of slowing down. With web-based shopping presently representing practically 60% of complete retail deals eCommerce business significantly affects conventional sales and this will continue in the following years. US Census Bureau Figures demonstrate that throughout the most recent two decades, U.S. online retail sales […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses how tips for building an online business

People who decide to change their ‘9 to 5’ job for a new business almost always have good intentions, but sometimes lack in what it means to be successful. Of course, setting big goals and dreaming big are important, but many budding entrepreneurs don’t comprehend what’s truly required to reach those goals. Ann Marie Puig, […]