Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig discusses why it’s important to always innovate in business

Changes occur so quickly thus frequently, that development has transformed into a basic and principal key business need. It is the main focused part left that can drive manageability. Living now in the “Disturbance, Digitization and Connection Age,” a business’ thought ought to be on both improving adaptability, imaginativeness, inventiveness and meanwhile, customer compassion. Ann […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses female business trends coming in 2020

2019 has been an achievement year for female business entrepreneurs and ladies in business, but things will only continue to evolve. Female entrepreneurs and business heads are quickly becoming more standard, and they are proving themselves in all industries. Ann Marie Puig, a lifelong entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses five key trends to […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses the best strategies for hiring seasonal employees

With unemployment at one of the lowest levels it has been in a long time, this year’s season scramble for qualified regular workers may be a little more complicated. With qualified available talent harder to find, numerous retailers began selecting seasonal employees as far back as September. Trying to find professional temporary employees may be […]

Ann Marie Puig offers successful B2B marketing strategies

While considering B2B showcasing methodologies, a few organizations consider, for the most part, immediate or outbound choices with an end goal to be enticing and catch the crowd’s consideration so as to get them to cooperate with the organization. While this is surely a necessary piece of any marketing plan, it isn’t the main choice […]