Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig discusses how to build a strong operations strategy in a B2B company

While there will always be emergency issues to address in any company, it’s essential to pause and focus on the big picture. This means looking at your business operations and creating a strategy that sets your B2B organization up for success. Ann Marie Puig, a long-time entrepreneur and expert business consultant, explains how B2B companies […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses business trends expected to be seen in 2022

Although defining some goals on how to improve your administration capabilities will make a huge difference, it is equally important to stay on top of the trends that will influence the entire business this year and in the past. Ann Marie Puig is a business specialist and consultant from Costa Rica, and shares her insight […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses what it takes to be a successful business consultant

A business consultant is a professional specialized in an area of knowledge that can offer services in person or remotely. The consultant’s mission is to guide or advise individuals and companies on how to do a certain task or project. But there is more, at the request of the client, the business consultant can also […]