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Ann Marie Puig

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Ann Marie Puig and six tips to be a successful female entrepreneur

Ann Marie Puig and six tips to be a successful female entrepreneur

There are many ways to achieve success, even if starting with nothing. A plethora of self-help courses, online classes, audiobooks and more is giving virtually everyone the ability to become an entrepreneur. However, there are several methods of achieving success that have been proven to be effective over the years, especially among female entrepreneurs. Ann Marie Puig, a businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, has dedicated her life to growing businesses and shares a few tips that will help thriving entrepreneurs find success.

Remaining disciplined and focused on the initial step is a requirement. These characteristics must be applied consistently to every task in order to ensure the goal is reached, even when facing a great number of challenges. Asserts Puig, “Stay on target and don’t lose sight of what you want to accomplish.”

It’s not always necessary to be “on the go” from sunup to sundown. This can cause burnout quickly and lead to a loss of desire to push forward. Pick a time, perhaps when waking up, and don’t connect – don’t answer emails, don’t watch the news, don’t check the phone. Make this a habit each day, spending an hour or so disconnected from everything. It will allow you to have a more productive, successful day and will help you more in the long run.

Spend some time working on personal and professional goals, as well. Set aside about an hour and invest that time in you. Explains Puig, “Just because you’re building a business, this doesn’t mean you can neglect yourself. Manage your day and your routine to give you some ‘me’ time and you’ll be surprised at how invigorated you are to keep the business on track.”

Don’t get discouraged when things don’t work out as planned. It’s going to happen at some point – every business meets with unexpected challenges that need to be resolved. However, the only way to properly find a solution is to remain calm and think with a level head. Keep emotions out of it, look at the problem, analyze possible solutions and choose the best course of action based on your experience and instinct.

Getting up 30 minutes to an hour sooner than expected, can allow you to cut out space for yourself that most likely won’t be recovered during the day. This is only a small amount of time, in the overall scheme of things, but can be the difference between a mediocre and a truly successful workday.

The workday can – and will – get unpredictable at times. The quicker obstacles can be recognized and embraced, the quicker they can be resolved, allowing the day to flow properly again. In order to recognize potential obstacles, keep a clear head and maintain a finger on the pulse of the operations.

Incorporating these tips won’t automatically lead to success – there is still the need to have a purpose. Says Puig, “Successful entrepreneurs have two things – the ability to stay consistent and the ability to take action in their lives.” Learning how to manage the daily routine will go a long way toward allowing entrepreneurs to acquire both.