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Ann Puig on how AI can help the female entrepreneur

Ann Puig on how AI can help the female entrepreneur

Today, when a significant number of us may gripe about the absence of resources for women in the business world, technology is helping to change this. One of the most important advances in technology lately has been artificial intelligence (AI), and leading business owner and philanthropist Ann Puig, explains how AI can give female business owners greater chances of finding success.

AI gives numerous advantages to new businesses. With AI, entrepreneurs are able to quickly analyze their businesses, as well as strategies and customers, to make better decisions. AI empowers the startups to follow information examples and put them to work. For instance, they can follow the purchasing behaviors of their customers, distinguish the adjustments in the requests and identify how their rivals are doing in the market.

“New entrepreneurs can easily employ predesigned chatbots to improve their customer services,” explains Puig. “Advanced online sites that can review grammar and spelling can be extremely beneficial to ensure the quality of marketing materials is extremely high.”

One AI tool available to female entrepreneurs is Alice, created through a collaboration between Dell, Pivotal and Circular Board. Alice has a substantial amount of data patterns, including some related to how women entrepreneurs access capital and consumer information. The platform is geared toward the female entrepreneur, given what has been described as unique needs for data curation among female business owners.

Alice has gone well beyond this, though. Now, it can interface with each businessperson today, independent of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, and geology. Business proprietors as well as government establishments, financial specialists, and new companies are additionally empowering their worldwide openness with Alice.

Today’s AI includes advanced reasoning capabilities, self-correction and the ability to learn. These characteristics become extremely important to helping a business succeed and are most likely already in the palm of your hand.

Voice assistants are included in virtually all smartphones these days. Siri, Cortana, Alexa – all can help you manage your activities, your calendar and even send text messages. This helps you save time and stay organized while on the run.

AI can help you stay in the zone. Explains Puig, “Sometimes, it’s easy to get off track and lose focus on a schedule. The AI voice assistant on your phone can not only keep track of your schedule, but can also be told to send you timed reminders and let you know when to take breaks.”

Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems today have a great deal of AI incorporated into them. They feature intelligent predictions, sales forecasts and insights into customer reactions to marketing campaigns. All of the top CRM applications include automated chatbots, as well, which are now performing better than ever.

Use AI for managing insights and analytics. This will allow you to immediately understand trends and adjust the business as necessary to help it pushing forward.

Ultimately, the only way to truly know what will work for a business is a little experimentation. However, incorporating AI helps those trials to be analyzed faster, helping you make the necessary adjustments on the fly. AI doesn’t have to be viewed as the enemy; it is a very valuable tool that, when implemented appropriately, will help any business find more success.