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Ann Marie Puig

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Ann Puig provides five tips for the budding female entrepreneur

Ann Puig provides five tips for the budding female entrepreneur

Business is extraordinary for a large number of reasons. From having more adaptable work hours to working for yourself and everything in the middle, it’s no big surprise that an ever-increasing number of individuals are beginning their very own companies – particularly women.

However, maintaining a business, regardless of how huge or how little, is no simple accomplishment. Costa Rica entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist Ann Puig has traveled down the entrepreneurial road many times and shares some tips for other female entrepreneurs.

A social media presence is a vital component of a business’s marketing strategy. Says Puig, “Regardless of whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest, web-based social networking has turned out to be a decent channel to business results, including potential customers, endorsements and – the main goal – purchases.

If you’re not familiar with social media, online courses exist that will allow you to understand how the platforms work and how they can help you grow the business. Social media needs to be seen as a legitimate channel through which the business can interact with customers, develop leads and conduct day-to-day operations.

Being an entrepreneur can, at times, be more than a little stressful. Utilize your network to build a support system. “Joining groups within your industry is a great method for creating a personal support network,” explains Puig. “Experts inside these groups can give an extraordinary sounding board to new thoughts, disappointments and veritable predicaments.”

As a businessperson, it’s anything but difficult to go up against the majority of the duties required to maintain your business — however it is difficult to oversee them all. In order to overcome these challenges, the delegation of tasks to employees will go a long way. Of course, it’s equally important to ensure that you hire trustworthy individuals and train them appropriately.

Give your home life a chance to move you. Numerous female entrepreneurs have the duty of dealing with their homes and their children, in addition to the responsibilities of the business. However, inspiration can be drawn from personal responsibilities to help the business succeed. Puig asserts, “A large number of women already hold CEO positions – in the household. They have to manage the needs of the home, which includes the spouse, the children, individual schedules, school obligations, after-school activities and more. This is inarguably similar to running a small business. Use what you know and convert that knowledge and experience into the business’s success.”

Don’t simply utilize your current system and assets — keep in the shadows, always looking for new business leads. For independent and small ventures, this is particularly vital, as the stakes are higher.

“Realizing where to search for leads can have a significant effect,” says Puig. “Industry groups are an incredible first stop, but should be viewed as more than just a source of support and companionship.”

Additionally, these groups can accomplish something other than help an entrepreneur discover leads. They can also be an important asset for business improvement — regardless of whether you’re staying in contact with audiences that are following the business, looking for new talent or simply sharing knowledge that you’ve obtained in your area of expertise.