Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig

Entrepreneur Philanthropist driving creative ideas and forward thinking to communities.

Ann Puig provides solid advice to motivate any female entrepreneur

Ann Puig provides solid advice to motivate any female entrepreneur

In this day and age where business knowledge, innovation and creativity mold the business landscape, women from all backgrounds have repeatedly demonstrated that it is definitely possible to be a successful female entrepreneur.

Their examples of overcoming adversity have indicated how a basic dream can be acknowledged and transformed into an immense achievement. This is especially true for Costa Rica’s Ann Puig, a business leader and philanthropist who has been blazing paths her entire life. Puig shares her expertise and provides eight key pieces of advice needed to become a successful female entrepreneur.

Everything begins with an idea. The best entrepreneurs began with just an idea. Whether it be for a product or a service, this is always the starting point. Transforming that idea into a viable business is what creates the motion. Puig explains, “Explore new concepts. Don’t be afraid to be creative and try something new!”

Don’t be afraid of failing. When disappointment sets in, you will never have the capacity to once again have the strength to seek after what you have constantly needed and envisioned to do. By giving disappointment a chance to outwit you, regardless of how extraordinary your business thought is, you have officially set your way to disappointment.

“The greatest misstep that you can ever make as an aspiring entrepreneur,” explains Puig, “is to allow the fear of failure to be an obstacle to reaching your goals.”

Believe in yourself and have faith. In maintaining a business, you will experience a progression of high points and low points. Successes are, hopefully, a part of the business, but so are losses and challenges. They’re all part of building a business.

Being independent is important. It isn’t necessary to rely on men to succeed – although they can always be good guides and sources of information. “Don’t be afraid to be independent. Have the passion to pursue your dreams and your business goals,” asserts Puig.

Business ownership isn’t simply cash, notoriety or glory. A significant number of the best female entrepreneurs are successful because they have impacted the world in a positive way. Owning a business is more than making your own money – it is providing employment, helping the community and being socially responsible.

Success requires hard work. The common theme among all successful business owners is their drive – their ability to work hard. If you are determined to succeed, be prepared to give 110% and stifle the complaints. Says Puig, “Nobody prevails by simply contemplating an idea – focus, dedication and drive are fundamental.”

Figure out how to adjust to the necessities of time. In this exceptionally aggressive world where patterns keep on transforming, you have to be ready to adapt to change. Businesses that have become successful continue to thrive because they know how to determine what consumers want and what the market requires. When you adjust to the necessities of time, your business can give what the general population wants.

Perfection is always the standard. In everything that you do, successful women entrepreneurs stress the importance of always giving their all. “If you settle for mediocrity,” explains Puig, “you’re settling for failure. You must always be ready to give everything you have, regardless of how challenging the situation may be.”

To be a truly successful entrepreneur, you must always be at your best and must always push for excellence. It’s a difficult task at times, but the rewards are significantly worth it.