Ann Marie Puig describes the different traits found in successful female entrepreneurs

It’s said that, while the startup environment keeps on developing, organizations established by women are still underrepresented, with less female-driven organizations beginning, scaling and securing the necessary finance. However, in tackling the very quintessence of what separates female entrepreneurs from their male counterparts, qualities, for example, instinct, care, genius, and the capacity to easily juggle […]

Ann Marie Puig offers tips to develop the best negotiating strategies in sales

Where it truly matters, everybody, generally, envisions the best result for themselves. They can’t battle the impulse to consider what’s in their own special force to roll out an improvement. In any case, to change into a really incredible negotiator, you need to understand how to set aside unadulterated cockiness. In such a case, that […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses the importance of monitoring expenses and income in a small business

Cash flow gauges the aggregate sum of cash being moved through a business. Cash coming in because of a business’s exercises, for example, customer installments, government awards and bank advances, are viewed as income. Understanding and keeping track of both sides is important to maintaining a healthy business, and entrepreneur and philanthropist Ann Marie Puig […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses how eCommerce is opening new doors for female entrepreneurs

The development of the eCommerce business industry has inarguably decreased the boundaries to become an entrepreneur, and one segment that has gained by this open door has been female entrepreneurs. The possibility of “least investment, greatest benefit” in eCommerce organizations is assisting women to get a start and to develop their organizations while working from […]

Ann Marie Puig provides tips for handling conflict in the workplace

Any business will have representatives who don’t get along occasionally. Regardless of whether this is a result of contrasts as a part of their characters, ways of life, sentiments or some other factor, some of the time workers simply don’t work. What’s more, when there’s dissent in the work environment, it influences everyone. The subsequent […]