Ann Marie Puig

Hello! I’m Ann-Marie Puig

I help small and medium businesses in any industry with their accounting needs. Whether you’re just starting your business and need setting up your accounting systems or want to restructure your current accounting department I can help. To see the full list of services I provide please see below!

Areas of Expertise

Accounting Systems

• Selection and Implementation
• Automated Data Entry
• Data Conversion Services
• Integration with Third-Party

Reconciliation Reporting

• Bank Accounts
• Credit Cards
• Customer Invoices
• Collections
• Vendor Invoices
• Payments
• Payroll


• Payroll
• Time Management
• Billing
• E-commerce
• Local and Remote Hosting

Activities Management

• Bill Pay
• Invoicing
• Payroll processing
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable

Transactional Activities

• Transaction/Data Entry
• Invoices (Customer & Vendor)
• Bank transactions
• Credit Card
• Payroll transactions

Controller-level Services

• Closing Entries
• Review financials
• Top-down budgeting
• Client Work Supervision
• Adjustment Entry Preparation
• Financial Statement Preparation
• Accruals, pre-paids & more…


nn-Marie Puig has native-level fluency in both Spanish and English. She is known for her unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail, which have left her with a reputation of being a highly responsible and dedicated professional who demands the highest standards of herself. Her business acumen has allowed her to excel in business, not only for other businesses but for her own, as well. As a philanthropist, Ann-Marie believes in supporting different groups, especially those that help women succeed in business. She is dedicated to the advancement of Latin American entrepreneurship and is enthusiastically involved in a range of new business programs.

SAP Business One95%
Microsoft Dynamics NAV85%
SBT accounting software95%
Intuit QuickBooks90%
NOVAtime Workforce Management75%


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