Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig describes the different traits found in successful female entrepreneurs

It’s said that, while the startup environment keeps on developing, organizations established by women are still underrepresented, with less female-driven organizations beginning, scaling and securing the necessary finance. However, in tackling the very quintessence of what separates female entrepreneurs from their male counterparts, qualities, for example, instinct, care, genius, and the capacity to easily juggle a hundred balls at the same time, the female-led innovative development is flourishing. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses what traits make women more successful entrepreneurs.

The first trait is desire. Aspiration drives a woman to dominate at all that you do. Asserts Puig, “Effective females in business immediately become proficient at pushing through the inescapable set back(s) and have enough self-faith in their impact to influence change.”

Inspiration is also high on the list. Successful female entrepreneurs see the upside of each circumstance – imperative expertise to adapt to the anxieties and difficulties which go inseparably with enterprise. Studies have additionally indicated that positive reasoning can improve versatility and improve your ability for learning and critical thinking.

Successful business visionaries aren’t simply keen on building something for themselves. Females will, in general, flourish when realizing that what they’re doing has a genuine effect beyond their business. This mindfulness is an important trait that is inherent in most women.

Gratitude is another trait often found in successful female entrepreneurs. At the point when you’re occupied with building a business, and rehearsing your art, it’s easy to dismiss all you’ve accomplished. Says Puig, “Practice appreciation consistently – it changes your point of view and brings joy. Be prepared and liberal with your energy about others and their positive effect on your journey.”

A guarantee to develop and grow is fundamental to success. It’s important to focus on the existence of steady learning, and individual and expert development. Continue assessing your advance and be happy to roll out the improvements important to succeed. Make the most of systems administration openings and proceed with your instruction. Take care of your own prosperity and show others how it’s done for your group.

Self-awareness can’t be stressed enough. Entrepreneurs must perceive and commend their qualities and be happy to recognize the zones outside their range of abilities that are keeping them down. Concentrate on the areas that will include esteem and re-appropriate the rest to the workforce.

Every endeavor is tough at first, which is why risk tolerance is imperative. States Puig, “You should be set up to face determined challenges to make progress. Everybody’s risk appetite will be extraordinary, yet a deliberately considered choice is generally better than not making one at all.”

Expect the best; prepare for the worst. Settling on choices won’t generally bring about progress. You will come up short – consistently. In any case, even little disappointments can be changed over into learnings and, at last, into improved examples of working or conduct. How rapidly or well an entrepreneur defeats impediments defines how successful she will be.

Along those same lines, adaptability is important. One of a woman’s most noteworthy qualities is her capacity to adjust promptly to change. As a business head, it is indispensable that you stay receptive and adaptable in your reasoning, a quality which will profit both your staff and customers, and improve your business over the long haul.

Lastly, and this should be obvious, vision is part and parcel to growing a business. It is the imperative power that drives the business visionary. Concludes Puig, “The vision is what began the journey, so it can never be lost. Keep true to your course and your vision, and success should follow.”