Ann Marie Puig explains how to choose the right employee to become the next leader

Identifying leaders is not an impossible task. While business leadership is often associated with senior management, holding a managerial position is no guarantee of being a good leader and not even of being a leader. There are many more potential leaders than you believe in a company, and Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and […]

Ann Marie Puig explains the six key indicators for human talent management

The importance of measuring and analyzing is related to the ability to anticipate problems that might arise in a company, preventively performing tasks that help detect potential situations before they have a negative impact on the organization, which is always a better option than making decisions to correct a problem. Similarly, monitoring and measurement allow […]

Ann Marie Puig explains the strategies needed for successful inbound marketing

One of the goals of an inbound marketing campaign is to create a company-owned, non-dependent traffic capture channel for your own customers. This engagement channel represents an asset for the company, because, as you invest in it, you can increase the number of people who reach your page and who become customers, leads or subscribers. […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses the importance of bank reconciliation for small businesses

Bank reconciliation is a control process between the company’s ledger records and the bank account movements. Keeping control like this will help entrepreneurs discover and correct errors in their accounting, often before they become big issues. Accurate bank reconciliation, coupled with proper cash reconciliation, is essential when having orderly management, administration and accounting and Ann […]