Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses how to keep the workforce strong during COVID-19

The COVID-19 flare-up is making enormous disturbances in the U.S. economy as worldwide flexibly ties break, travel is dropped and individuals practice social distancing, abstaining from everything from cafés and retail outlets to reunions and office meetings. One-fifth of U.S. workers report losing hours or work in view of the pandemic. However, except if a business has been compelled to completely close, there’s a method to keep workers on the payroll, facilitate the torment of a downturn and speed monetary recuperation. Ann Marie Puig, a successful business owner and philanthropist from Costa Rica, shares tips on how to make that possible.

Employers can take certain actions to make the work environment more secure in organizations considered basic during the coronavirus pandemic and in areas where organizations are remaining open. The first is to follow guidelines established by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “Focus on general wellbeing authorities and follow their direction as it advances and changes,” explains Puig. “Advise workers to remain six feet apart and to avoid shaking hands. Employees should wash their hands regularly for in any event 20 seconds with cleanser and water and abstain from contacting their appearances.”

Businesses need to implement remote work. In organizations where physical presence isn’t a need, telecommuting courses of action are the least difficult and best reaction to COVID-19. Numerous workplaces have just moved to telecommuting. Adds Puig, “Now, on the off chance that you are as yet bringing individuals into your workplaces, at that point you are looking out for one of two things—a legitimate command to close or somebody to get COVID-19, constraining a conclusion. Why hold up until somebody becomes ill if closing is a certainty?”

Practice social distancing as much as possible. Meetings of any size ought to consider meeting for all intents and purposes or by telephone rather than face to face. A well-disciplined workforce will allow this to occur without any difficulties.

For manufacturers, guarantee that workers utilize a clinic grade disinfectant when cleaning. They should clean all regions that are much of the time utilized or contacted, including bathrooms, entryway handles, apparatuses, time tickers and candy machines.
Representatives should wear gloves when cleaning and maybe while working, contingent upon the activity.

For food merchants, guarantee that workers utilize an emergency hospital-grade disinfectant to clean all regions and things customers regularly use or contact. Sanitize checkout paths, credit-and platinum card pin cushions, entryway handles (remembering for the cooler area), bathrooms, racks, sales registers or touchscreens, and telephones something like clockwork. Wear gloves when cleaning, stowing goods and shelving items.

For retailers that stay open, set up social distancing measures affirmed by the CDC or the relevant state branch of health. This may remember impermanent decreases for staffing, abbreviated long stretches of activity and restricted in-store administrations.

Give extra break time; that way, workers can wash their hands all the more every now and again. Additionally, promptly send home workers who have indications of COVID-19. In like manner, workers who are well; however, who have been presented to a person with COVID-19 should remain at home.

Require employees who recently headed out to influenced territories avoid the working environment until a specific number of days go without indications. Note that COVID-19’s incubation period is 14 days.

Concludes Puig, “Data and insights on the coronavirus are changing quickly, making stress and misinformation to be spread alongside the sickness. To battle both the spread of the infection and the negative feelings regarding it, businesses need to have an open exchange with their representatives about the infection, its possible impact on the association and what workers can do to secure themselves.”