Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses improving relationships with employees

Bosses and employees are on inverse sides of the bartering table and, for the most part, speak to dissimilar interests, so their relationship can in some cases be profoundly ill-disposed. Be that as it may, the two sides can receive more out of their communications if they are willing, where needed, to improve their working relationship. Cooperation describes a connection among managers and employees that has the shared point of improving hierarchical execution and maintainability, which thus benefits both the business and representatives. Ann Marie Puig, a lifelong entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses ways to improve workplace relationships in order to keep the business running strong.

Hierarchical administration and workers operate better together if the two of them recognize that different has an authentic and esteemed reason. The board controls the assets and workplace of an association, while the employees work to maintain the business’s day-to-day operations. Since the company needs an upbeat, solid and beneficial workforce to meet its business objectives and representatives need a work environment, clearly bosses and workers are closely related. Common regard makes it simpler for businesses and workers to meet their objectives since it encourages arrangements and guarantees neither one of the parties will pointlessly take a hard position to the next.

Ordinary communication between the businesses and the workers improves the nature of the working relationship and limits clashes. There are various components that continually influence the operations and may likewise influence workers every once in a while. Expanded challenge, for instance, especially from organizations that utilization low-wage work in different nations, could constrain the company’s association to reevaluate their system and they may choose to pay representatives less or scale down. Says Puig, “On the off chance that the business is in steady correspondence with the representative association and includes them in figuring the best techniques to deal with such market unsettling influences, the business and association can keep up a decent, clash-free working relationship.”

Bosses can improve their associations with employees through the reception of proactive business approaches. Businesses know employees look to verify their interests and can limit the requirement for steady arrangement by embracing approaches and practices that upgrade worker welfare. For instance, since states are progressively considering the execution of the Healthy Workplace law to control work environment tormenting, a business can actualize an exacting code of conduct to ensure all representatives. This can help the employees’ trust in the working relationship and keep them from applying undue weight on the business.

Managers and workforces can likewise cooperate in groups as an approach to upgrade their working relationship. Explains Puig, “Bosses and employees need something very similar, which is to guarantee the constant improvement of the company’s business goals and economical status. A fruitful association is one that develops and extends and offers better terms and conditions to its workers. Bosses and representative associations can cooperate to talk about issues influencing the business, the businesses and the workers.” From that point, they can mutually settle on the systems they will receive to help the business in the short-and long haul and the best method to accomplish the eventual benefits of all gatherings included.

There are different ways to instill better values in employees, as well as better motivation. However, the end result is the same. More desire to work and properly represent the business, which means more success and better sales.