Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses the importance of automation in accounting processes

Accounting is one of the most important aspects that every company has to take into consideration. Leveraging technology to improve accounts and avoid scares is something that every company should have among its main objectives. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur, financial expert and philanthropist from Costa Rica, offers the reasons why automating accounting processes is beneficial to company growth.

Finance management is an obvious benefit. A good option to improve financial management is to take the step towards accounting automation. And to achieve that, you can take advantage of the technological tools you have at your fingertips. Explains Puig, “With the arrival of the new century and thanks to technological advances, any process has become susceptible to being automated. Factories have done it, so have service companies, and now it’s time to automate accounting.”

All the advantages offered by incorporating technology into the business world are irresistible, wherever you look at it. It is important that you manage to leave aside all those prejudices that you may have with regard to technological evolution. In this way, you can see that you had in front of you the best solution to keep the accounts.

If you keep your accounting electronically, you can find any document quickly and easily. You will not have to be physically in any specific place, but you can make the query wherever you are, being able to send the information wherever you want. This is something that does not allow you manual accounting, much slower and tedious to share.

If you incorporate a tool to automate the accounting of your company, you will be able to know what the status of the accounts is at any time, without having to wait for them to update manually. You will have total control of the situation of the company, being able to solve any problem in a much faster and more agile way.

The new tools are updated daily and are very simple to use. You can fix any mistake without having to be immersed in a lot of papers and calculations until you find the problem.

It offers you the possibility to create a backup daily or even several times a day. This gives you enormous peace of mind because you know that all your information will be backed up and you can recover it at any time. Imagine losing all the accounting of a year by a fire, a robbery or just a mistake. It could create serious problems.

These are the main advantages of moving your company’s accounting towards automated processes. Take the step towards the new century and make your company manageable in a more agile and simple way. You will avoid problems and receive many advantages. Of course, accounting automation is designed to help everyone and simplify things for business owners and operators. It can help both small and large companies and even for personal accounting.

There are some disadvantages, however, that have to be considered. Explains Puig, “Nowadays, cybersecurity is a real concern among users and companies due to the increasing use of technologies in the day-to-day. That said, it is important to stress that accounting automation programs have data protection and prevention systems. The security measures that accompany accounting automation allow you to protect information from any attempted theft. In addition, antivirus software needs to be used, as it protects data from possible destruction of information. It should be remembered that in the extreme case of a failure in the system, there is the backup that is made daily to avoid the loss of documentation.”

The best thing about automating a company’s accounting is not having to change again. A good automation software has an unlimited duration and will serve you well from the first to the last day.