Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses ways to improve a brand through employee social media interaction

Improving your brand as a company manager starts and finishes with worker commitment. In the event that your workforce is happy, drawn in and feels esteemed, at that point they’ll not just become brand advocates and work admirably, they’ll additionally spare you recruitment expenses and help to drive the business forward. Ann Marie Puig, a lifelong entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses ways to increase employee interaction on social media to improve the brand.

There’s no reason to introduce social media solutions if the employees don’t use it or don’t want to use it. There are various online networking platforms accessible and they all have their specific advantages and usefulness. On the off chance that you realize what your workers like and don’t about web-based social networking, at that point you can begin to design an enhanced technique using the valid statements and keeping away from the awful.

Another significant question to seek an answer to is the kind of substance your representatives are used to targeting. Says Puig, “There are a lot of articles with insights and figures from every informal organization about commitment rates; however, your employees ought to be consulted in any case. Would they be bound to react to a picture, video or content, for example? Knowing this kind of detail will enable you to share the correct substance so as to increase most extreme reaction.”

Urging your workers to begin their own drives is a successful method to make entrepreneurs while expanding commitment and coordinated effort. Making sports clubs, organizing excursions and beginning rivalries are altogether instances of the exercises representatives can engage to increase workforce adhesion and commitment. By beginning prosperity activities representatives not just improve their wellbeing and wellness, they additionally produce new connections.

Senior individuals from staff should interaction with each other, as well as the rest of the workforce. They ought to be a guide to the remainder of the business with regards to making get-togethers and utilizing the social channels. Adds Puig, “By executives associating with representatives, the business makes trust and solid connections over all levels. This improves connections all through the representative base which thusly benefits both the workers and the brand.”

The extraordinary thing about informal organizations is that they’re accessible on the web. Workers can get to them whenever, from anyplace, on their cell phones. On the off chance that you utilize one of these systems, at that point you have this usefulness quickly, on the off chance that you make your own system, at that point simple entry and use is a need. The system ought to be accessible over the web, permitting 24 hour get to, and the UI ought to be anything but difficult to utilize and natural.

When launching the social media solution, commonality will improve acknowledgment among your representatives. On the off chance that the framework conveys corporate marking, at that point workers will perceive this and feel less threatened by it. Utilizing Facebook or something similar wipes out this issue with most representatives, despite the fact that time ought to be taken to mark the organization page on whichever informal community you pick.

When structuring or picking the system to utilize, incorporate your representatives. Hold an organization meeting to examine the venture or individual center gatherings to request criticism and proposals on the best game-plan.

Counting representatives in the process will make commitment and a sentiment of possession among the workforce, improving the probability of utilization and diminishing the danger of representatives not utilizing the framework. When your system is fully operational you would then be able to utilize it to feature your boss image on the web. Composing a blog entry or having a page on your site committed to the social side of the business will pull in ability and demonstrate that your image is locked in with its representatives.

When you have a built-up framework established or are utilizing an informal community all through the business, incorporate it in your onboarding procedure. The sooner representatives are acquainted with it, the more drawn in they’ll become. Concludes Puig, “Coordinating the social platform into your onboarding procedure is a decent method to acquaint new representatives with its motivation and usefulness. Urge them to participate, pursue the page on your picked informal organization and connect with existing representatives, this will make their combination into the business simpler and a less formal and alarming procedure.”