Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses what it takes to be a successful Scrum Master

To understand the activity of a Scrum Master, we need to get a handle on Scrum methodology. Scrum is a framework for ground-breaking facilitated exertion of a gathering on making plausible programming. This framework relies upon the norms of Agile Methodology and licenses setting up self-figuring out groups that hurry to respond to changes. Ann Marie Puig, a Costa Rican entrepreneur, philanthropist and Scrum Master, offers insight into the principle duties related to the indispensable workforce job.

There are three fundamental positions in a Scrum framework – item owner, the Scrum and the Scrum Master. Clarifies Puig, “The item owner has the vision for the item to be built and highlights the business and market requirements. The person also screens all the work that ought to be done. In a Scrum group, everyone has a ton of endeavors that they cooperate on to pass on shippable pieces of programming. The Scrum Team gives evaluations of the proportion of work they can complete in each accentuation. The Scrum Master ensures that the gathering seeks after the Scrum strategy. The person figures out gatherings, oversees troubles and bottlenecks and works with the item owner to design the item development for the accompanying run. Essentially, a Scrum Master is a facilitator of Agile headway.”

The Scrum strategy begins with characterizing thing destinations. The Scrum Master collaborates with the item proprietor to grasp the vision for the item being manufactured and the destinations to be refined. The person in question additionally develops “Customer Stories” with the help of the item owner. These accounts explain what the customer needs and why they need it, and the item owner keeps all the customer stories in a separate journal and composes them.

The Scrum Master then coordinates an initial Scrum meeting with the specialists to get a handle on the customer stories that can be done in the fundamental run. As the run starts, the Scrum Master drives each day stand-up gatherings with the headway gathering to perceive any challenges or issues that can concede work or result in a distinction in plans.

Includes Puig, “The Scrum Master’s activity during the life of the Scrum cycle is to support proficiency and handle any obstructing issues which require commitments from Product Owner. The person in question also prepares the item aggregation for the accompanying run.” In Scrum, there are periods that last one to around fourteen days. The Scrum group passes on deliverable programming constantly and, after the completion of every period, the associates and improvement group lead social affairs to plan desires for the accompanying run.

The whole Scrum Team meets around the completion of the run to discuss the item aggregation for the accompanying run. This furthermore fuses proposing considerations that could improve capability in the accompanying dash.

The Scrum Master has a considerable rundown of significant obligations. Among these are to support regular Scrum, arranging, shows and review gatherings, just as to determine conflicts by focusing on Scrum assessments of straightforwardness, dependability, and respect. The individual likewise needs to appraise the amount of deliverable possible in a cycle reliant on evidence and check and plan for the whole programming headway adventure

Adding to the rundown of obligations, the Scrum Master needs to coach the group in composed practices while accentuating individuals and collaboration over technique and gadgets. The individual in question likewise needs to guarantee the group has an their eyes on the target, and keeps everybody engaged and following the right utilization of the Scrum method. Closes Puig, “A Scrum Master enables the Scrum system and goes about as a facilitator of deft headway. He or she acts like a backbone of help for the whole Scrum Team and guides the gathering on apt principles.”