Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig explains the importance of a personal brand for growing a business

Individual marketing and branding are important for business owners. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in – branding is the act of people showcasing their professions and making businesses sound. Individual marketing is the best way for entrepreneurs to reach new professions. Ann Marie Puig, a successful global business consultant from Costa Rica, identifies four components that can support entrepreneurs in building a better individual brand.

A brand can attract potential clients, customers, job offers, and new opportunities. It’s not as easy as it seems. Establishing a strong first connection across different stages of your web-based life is difficult. It takes a lot of connecting with substance and self-advancement.

Puig believes that the brand’s personality must be matched by the maker. She explains, “Entrepreneurs should choose the path of least resistance if they want to create a brand for themselves. You can’t force anyone to remove it, so use what you believe in.”

Puig suggests that you identify your personality characteristics and use them to create the brand’s framework. This will create a consistent, identifiable and friendly brand. She emphasizes the importance of highlighting both good and bad qualities.

Sharing your experience online is also important. Social media presence isn’t a luxury. It’s an essential part of your character and can be used to regularly characterize different groups’ discernments on a business and personal level.

To showcase their best qualities and build a network, it is important that people invest time in establishing an online presence. Puig explains that sharing experiences online often rouses other women to discover their own quality and, furthermore uncovers coaches by picking out other’s interests. This helps them to be unique in the network, which is crucial for obtaining the right professional opportunities.

Genuine interactions should echo what is posted online. The individual is creating a fake persona, which will eventually be exposed, resulting in a loss of validity and notoriety. Puig recommends that you share your work in order to create a unique brand. The proof you provide that supports your claims is what creates and sustains a person’s brand. A bigger following can be built by proving that a businessperson is able to back up their image using established truths or models.

Puig also states that Internet-based lives require alertness. Every post made online can be seen by anyone. He recommends that you be especially aware of images posted via web-based social media. Remember that everyone can see what you post. She says that the open image you post should complement the brand you’re trying to build.

Your personal brand cannot be built in a day. It’s a long-distance marathon that requires time. However, you don’t have to stop running to finish it. While there are cases where personal brands grow quickly, it is not common. People who work tirelessly on their personal brands for years and have not seen any results can also be a problem.

There is no shortcut to success; that’s the truth. It would be easy for everyone to build a personal brand. It is one thing to work your personal brand, but it is quite another to do it well.

You will need to be very disciplined if you want to combine your personal brand with a blog. Statistics show that 95% of bloggers abandon blogs within a year. Lack of motivation is the main reason for abandonment.