Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig offers customer services strategies for eCommerce businesses

Web-based businesses can communicate with their customers via email notices, social networks, email and instant messages. These are great ways to communicate with them, but they’re not as practical and personal as regular conversations. Ann Marie Puig is a global business consultant and entrepreneur who examines the ways that eCommerce companies can improve customer support.

Online customers are not able to speak to agents in a physical store. Instead, they can talk with an agent quickly to get answers to their questions. Online businesses must develop a client service technique to keep their customers satisfied and build a trusting relationship.

Telefone calls with customers are one of the best ways to communicate. When they call, customers feel more at ease speaking to a person than with a computer. Puig clarifies, “Clients feel more secure when someone is interested in their situation and can do something.”

It is easier to explain information via telephone than lengthy explanations of how a product works. They can be tailored to individual customers. Listening to clients is a great way to manage them. It is easy to find out if clients are interested in a topic or not. This will allow them to explore other options or become more familiar with the business.

Puig explains that the eCommerce website is a small part of the customer experience. It takes great client care to keep it going. It is important that clients get in touch with the business promptly. This should not be a problem.

To provide customer service, you can easily seperate your email address from your phone number. This will enable you to show that you can meet their needs.

The FAQ section should not be too detailed and should only address the most basic questions regarding the product, association, or administration. It is vital for web-based businesses because it allows clients to quickly scan through the site for the information that they need before making a purchase.

You can build trust with your clients by using email to send messages. Email is not a way to send out mass messages of welcome to events. Instead, you should send an email specifically to your clients.

You may need to confirm their purchase by sending them an email. Make sure you call them first before you send the email. You might also send them messages encouraging them to try a certain product. Do not push the envelope. Spam is not welcome.

All inquiries should be responded to quickly. Sometimes, you may not be able to profit from all inquiries. Every day, businesses receive endless calls and messages. A response that is not sent within seven days of receiving distressing messages is counterproductive in order to provide client assistance.

Puig states, “Clients expect and demand that they receive a response within 12 hours. Most clients need a response in two to three hours. Client assistance will not be appreciated if it takes longer.”

Customers cannot submit certain comments or propositions to the association. Customers use online media administration systems to voice their grievances. Customers use Twitter and Facebook to post their complaints about the business’ customer service. Web diaries can also be used for research purposes. These can be detrimental to trustworthiness and honesty of associations even though they might not be honest.

As customers contribute to products and services, they can be heard and viewed. This will help the company determine how to improve. You can answer customers’ questions and thank them for their positive feedback if your website is linked to social networking sites.

Puig adds, “Incredible customer service consistently places customers’ needs at the top priority list.” This section will improve your business’s chances of acquiring new customers or growing its customer base.