Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig offers tips for eCommerce companies looking to improve their accounting practices

Accounting is one of the most significant parts of the eCommerce business cycle. By keeping precise books and giving close consideration to your business’ money related circumstance, you will have the option to work all the more effectively and accomplish your long-term objectives. This may not be the most energizing piece of maintaining an advanced business, yet it is surely one that can’t be disregarded. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, examines five different ways to quickly improve back-office bookkeeping practices.

The first step is to put resources into quality bookkeeping programming. Regardless of whether you’re now happy with monitoring your income with Microsoft Excel, quality bookkeeping programming is something you will, in the end, need to buy. Bookkeeping programming makes it simpler to screen accounts, create nitty-gritty financial reports, and settle on information bolstered business choices.

QuickBooks is the most well-known brand of web-based business bookkeeping programming; however, there are numerous different choices, including FreshBooks, Xero, and different others. When the product has been introduced, you will have the option to build up a completely incorporated framework that can spare you both time and cash.

At the point when organizations first begin, it’s important to subjectively pick a framework for dealing with inventory. However, only a few will return to their stock practices after their business has begun to develop. Wasteful stock decisions can cost your business cash and even reason you to pay more in charges than you have to.

Asserts Puig, “Stock administration is among the most significant pieces of the general bookkeeping process. Picking your objective item turnover rate, your optimal stock framework (FIFO versus LIFO), and your favored devaluation calendar can majorly affect your main concern. Demonstrating your practices off of different firms in your industry will enable your business to work all the more productively.”

It’s equally important to track all income. By the day’s end, a business is the entirety of its income. While revenue and costs should be represented consistently, watching out for the real development of approaching and active money can give you a more exhaustive comprehension of your budgetary circumstance.

Isolating your incomes and costs into numerous parts can assist you with measuring liquidity levels and comprehend the overall installment cycle. Explains Puig, “Separating money due and creditor liabilities will make it a lot simpler for your business to get ready for what’s to come. In the event that you have never created an announcement of incomes previously, getting help from a bookkeeper might be important. Exact income proclamations will help guarantee your future conjectures are proof-based and dependable.”

It is difficult to comprehend your financial position—and settle on target choices—without first understanding the effect that charges have on your primary concern. While the assessment code comprises a thorough arrangement of laws and guidelines, organizations have a lot of adaptability with regards to how their charges are finished.

Following an approaching progression of income, your business will have the option to ascertain its EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization). In the wake of making every one of these money related changes in accordance with your financial record (EBITDA alterations), this figure will altogether diminish. Knowing the distinction between your all-out income and how much money you really get the opportunity to bring home will be significant when settling on budgetary choices. Moreover, your business should follow and cautiously classify every one of its costs over the span of the year. At the point when expense season unavoidably moves around, you may be shocked exactly what number of duty credits and assessment deductibles are promptly accessible.

For any accounting information to be helpful, it should mirror the present status of your business. Postponing your accounting obligations until the month’s end can make your business settle on foolish financial choices en route. States Puig, “Keeping a refreshed accounting report can enable your business to get an exact preview of your benefit, obligation and value circumstance at some random point in time.” Luckily, numerous kinds of internet business bookkeeping programming can make it conceivable to interface your books to your advanced store and update progressively.

The back-office parts of your organization may not be the most energizing, yet they are absolutely significant. Growing great bookkeeping practices will frequently stamp the contrast between whether your business succeeds or encounters major financial issues.