Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig offers tips for women starting their own business

Beginning a business isn’t simple. Regardless of whether it’s picking a business thought, making a marketable strategy or endeavoring to verify funding, a great deal of things can turn out badly. Nonetheless, with a strong idea and a solid emotionally supportive network, a female entrepreneur can turn into an effective business person. Costa Rican entrepreneur and philanthropist Ann Marie Puig provides guidance for women aspiring to be business owners.

Tell everybody what you’re doing. What’s more, I mean everybody – your companions, your relatives, even your associates – should know which industry you are in and precisely what you are doing. Individuals around us are typically our first clients and it is a simple method to get your business started. This guarantees with regards to the item or administration you are selling, you will be the main individual on everybody’s minds.

There is a great deal of women who are building companies and also groups focused on female entrepreneurs. Some are privately based, industry-based, even broadly-based. States Puig, “Take part in those gatherings and make your system of female networking. Whether it’s referring another customer, a financial specialist, or only somebody to vent about the difficulties of maintaining a business, nobody can sympathize with your circumstance more than another female business entrepreneur.”

Be definitive in your basic leadership. Every day is diverse in your duties as an entrepreneur; be tenacious in taking care of issues and difficulties en route. In doing so, you will have additional time and assets to develop your business.

Determine specifically who the target audience is going to be. Recognize your optimal client and which networks she is a piece of. Pick a single network to serve at first and stick with that network as far as might be feasible. Tailor your item, your message and your whole procedure toward that particular network, and possibly grow when you need to. In doing so, you’ll guarantee a solid item market fit and figure out how to give your clients a chance to lead you where you have to go.

Not having an unmistakable picture of what you need to achieve as a businessperson could bring about numerous difficulties as you develop and scale your business. Asserts Puig, “Having solid objectives will enable you to make increasingly characterized targets that will, thusly, make it simpler to execute your objectives and make your enterprising adventure a little more clear.”

Concentrate on the zones in which your organization makes value and satisfies your clients. Don’t worry about pursuing an unknown or unexpected path – listen to the consumers and they’ll tell you what direction you should take with your business.

In spite of the fact that there are instructive pioneering programs, nothing can truly set you up for the genuine obstacles of owning a business. Locate a strong tutor or mentor(s) to mentor you, acquaint you with individuals and use them as sounding boards for new ideas.

To reduce liabilities, it’s beneficial to incorporate or form an LLC before getting the business going. Says Puig, “Incorporating or framing an LLC can help protect individual resources by isolating the business from your own undertakings. If anything somehow managed to turn out badly with the business, it’s savvy to ensure your home, vehicle and individual resources are appropriately secured.”