Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig offers tips on how to properly analyze a financial statement

For anybody managing business funds, it is essential to acknowledge how to effectively look at the budget reports of the organization. So as to do this, it is important to comprehend three significant territories – the structure of the announcements, the monetary characteristics of the business and the procedures utilized to stand apart from the challenge. Ann Marie Puig, a successful business owner and philanthropist from Costa Rica discloses how to utilize the focuses to build up a powerful examination of an organization’s fiscal summaries.

The initial step is to distinguish the financial qualities of the business in which the business works. Make a value chain investigation for the business which incorporates exercises utilized in the creation, assembling and dissemination items or administrations.

Next, distinguish the organization’s systems. Puig clarifies, “You need to take a gander at the idea of the products or administrations that the organization is advertising. This will incorporate the item’s uniqueness, the degree of overall revenues, cost control, and the formation of brand resilience. Additionally, consider things such as production network reconciliation and industry and geographic expansion.”

The accompanying step is to resource the nature of the fiscal summaries of the organization. Survey key budgetary synopses inside the setting of the standard bookkeeping rules. In seeing asset report accounts, acknowledgment, valuation and portrayal are keys to fitting appraisal. The central inquiry should be whether the monetary record is a completed depiction of the organization’s money related position. While surveying the pay explanation, the point of convergence ought to be to authentically assess the idea of salary as an absolute depiction of the organization’s budgetary execution. Says Puig, “Appraisal of the income gives a superior comprehension of the liquidity position from the organization’s tasks, speculations and money related exercises.”

Proceeding with the procedure to make the investigation, the following stage is to survey current productivity and hazard. This is the place money related specialists can genuinely remember an impetus for the appraisal of the firm and its budget reports. The most generally perceived examination gadgets are key monetary outline proportions that distinguish liquidity, gainfulness, chance/advertise valuation, resource the board and obligation the executives/inclusion.

In terms of profitability, there are two unavoidable issues that must be asked – how beneficial are the tasks comparative with held resources and how successful is the firm judged by value investors. It is similarly as imperative to see how to isolate return measures into rule sway factors, just as to break down budget summary apportions nearly. This should be possible by taking a look at the present proportions contrasted with past estimations or considerably different firms or midpoints in the business.

After these steps have been finished, the time has come to prepare projections. These can regularly be difficult, yet are a fundamental piece of the procedure. They should be founded on sensible suppositions and they should show how the presumptions could affect income and subsidizing.

At last, the firm should be valued. There are a ton of techniques for making the valuation, however the most widely recognized is the limited income approach. The incomes should be introduced through anticipated profits or other, increasingly point by point procedures like free incomes.

After the investigation of the business and the budget summaries are done, there will no doubt still be questions that need answers. Frequently, one of these is whether the numbers can be trusted. Adds Puig, “This can be addressed distinctly by the individuals who have arranged the reports, however, recall that any bookkeeping inconsistencies will reduce the organization’s notoriety and debilitate its market position.”