Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig provides tips for female entrepreneurs getting started in 2020

Regardless of whether you own a growing independent company, set out on a pioneering adventure, or desire motivation for your profession, now is a great time to be a female entrepreneur. There are more options available than ever, and this trend will only continue. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, offers tips to females looking to get started in 2020 or beyond.

As ladies in business, it’s anything but difficult to get bulldozed with regards to the sexual orientation pay gap, thoughts or administrations. In any case, certainty originates from inside. Explains Puig, “Knowing your value begins with positive self-talk and expert turn of events. Give yourself the apparatuses and preparing you should be the best in your field. When you have the chilly hard aptitudes and demeanor to coordinate, you’ll have the option to conduct yourself all the more unhesitatingly, pitch your business to other people, and accomplish better work for your customers.”

It’s startling to leave cash or a chance—particularly when you simply get moving. Be that as it may, if a customer or opportunity is certifiably not an incredible fit, enough compensation, or something you have the opportunity or ability to do, don’t be reluctant to state no. Keep things that don’t serve you off your plate so you generally have space for individuals and perfect minutes when they go along. As such, don’t stack yourself down with work that won’t assist you with accomplishing your objectives; it’ll make you take more time to arrive.

You love your cousin, but you probably wouldn’t want her as a roommate. Shouldn’t something be said about your mother, closest companion, or spouse’s best man? Before you extend to an employment opportunity to anybody you know, inquire as to whether you can regard them as just another representative. Ask yourself if you can say that you will have hard discussions in the event that they don’t perform, or if you will you pay these associates more than they merit since it feels wrong not to. Adds Puig, “Except if you have a character that networks incredibly well with loved ones, don’t employ them as staff. Nepotism doesn’t generally profit the two players.”

Don’t micromanage. This doesn’t just make for a strained and wasteful workplace; it additionally nullifies the point of recruiting somebody to help. You invest energy and cash on something you don’t use to its fullest degree and basically, do half of another person’s activity on top of your own.

In the event that you micromanage on the grounds that you don’t confide in a worker, it might be an ideal opportunity to recruit somebody more skilled. On the off chance that you micromanage as your very own result frailties or control issues, get that under control. The most joyful representatives feel self-governance, regard, and worth. Also, the more joyful the worker, the better they’ll work for you.

Excuses waste your time – not with dissatisfied customers, clients or employees. If a mistake is made, apologize for the issue, discover the foundation of the issue, set up a procedure to guarantee it doesn’t occur once more, and, if essential, toss something in for nothing. Consider how you’d feel from the customer’s point of view and the stuff to make it right. Rehearsing responsibility as an entrepreneur will likewise show straightforwardness and genuineness to construct trust.

When you recruit a worker, you put it all on the line, confiding in them with your image’s notoriety. Obviously, you can pick the greatest resume or long stretches of experience; however, recruiting for ability and mentality turns out to be better over the long haul. Discover a representative who accommodates your organization culture and has the cleaves to take care of business. If they have less experience yet a persevering demeanor, you can invest energy, preparing them to do what you need so you get precisely what you need.

While it’s enticing to take any activity with any customer when you are first beginning—since let’s be honest, money is tight, and charges need to get paid—don’t fall into the trap of assuming every customer is necessary. There are a lot of customers who are more difficulty than they’re worth—and bounty extremely valuable. Obviously, not all things will be going great with each customer, yet you don’t have to manage customers who don’t regard what you do, esteem your mastery, pay you on schedule, or request things that aren’t conceivable inside their financial plan or extension. Glad customer relations, upbeat work life!

Each entrepreneur recognizes that you will screw something up at some point – it’s inescapable. In any case, the wisest individuals view each disappointment as a learning experience. States Puig, “That permits you to continue looking forward while you advance in a profitable way. Business guidance has instructed us that we can learn constantly. Adopt this strategy to your profession as well and you’ll do well as a businessperson and entrepreneur.”