Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig on managing a remote workforce during the coronavirus pandemic

Numerous organizations are requesting that their representatives work remotely with an end goal to hinder the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, and save the wellbeing and security of their employees, and their employees’ families. This change makes another arrangement of difficulties for managers to help and remain associated with their recently remote workforce, but Ann […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses accounting strategies for startups looking to scale

At the point when you’re propelling another startup, it’s not hard to get excessively associated with the fervor and innovativeness of the undertaking. Things like item improvement, advertising, and marking – while significant – could rapidly devour a lot of your time. There is another zone that needs the same amount of consideration, if not […]

Ann Marie Puig offers sales and marketing tips that can help any business succeed

When marketing is done appropriately, it can mean gigantic increases for a business. In any case, when done erroneously, the business is tossing cash into a fire. Since entrepreneurs must be whatever their independent organization needs – continually – it might be difficult to pro all of the nuances that go into deals or showcasing […]