Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig discusses how women can find more success assuming business leadership roles

Hindrances to advance remain frustratingly strong for females looking to break into the business world. Governments and organizations keep developing activities to help women succeed, yet an EY report shows that progress remains slower than it ought to. A report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics discovered that organizations with females in the C-suite […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses what it takes to be a successful Scrum Master

To understand the activity of a Scrum Master, we need to get a handle on Scrum methodology. Scrum is a framework for ground-breaking facilitated exertion of a gathering on making plausible programming. This framework relies upon the norms of Agile Methodology and licenses setting up self-figuring out groups that hurry to respond to changes. Ann […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses the best recruiting strategies for small businesses

Recruiting for a small business can often be a huge challenge. Owners regularly don’t think a lot about recruiting beside what they realized as a representative of another person’s business-which may have been years prior, or never. They may need experience taking care of HR assignments; they might be new to the most recent enlisting […]

Ann Marie Puig describes the different traits found in successful female entrepreneurs

It’s said that, while the startup environment keeps on developing, organizations established by women are still underrepresented, with less female-driven organizations beginning, scaling and securing the necessary finance. However, in tackling the very quintessence of what separates female entrepreneurs from their male counterparts, qualities, for example, instinct, care, genius, and the capacity to easily juggle […]

Ann Marie Puig offers tips to develop the best negotiating strategies in sales

Where it truly matters, everybody, generally, envisions the best result for themselves. They can’t battle the impulse to consider what’s in their own special force to roll out an improvement. In any case, to change into a really incredible negotiator, you need to understand how to set aside unadulterated cockiness. In such a case, that […]