Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses business strategies for female entrepreneurs in 2021

Being a female entrepreneur is a test under the most favorable circumstances. Take a stab at tossing a consistently evolving pandemic, social disconnection, and an unsure economy in with the general mish-mash and, at this point, many are essentially tapped out. Moving toward another year, some may be feeling a deficiency of course or sheer depletion from all the rotating that was needed in 2020, while others may be prepared to take care they had always wanted of achievement and remain in their usual range of familiarity. However, 2021 brings new opportunities and Ann Marie Puig, an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses what 2021 should mean to female entrepreneurs.

Think carefully about the previous year. Settle on the active decision to take life exercises with you, yet let go of sensations of blame or impression of disappointment. Says Puig, “At the point when you realize that in the center of yourself, you can continue attempting, or you can utilize whatever is occurring at that time to assert, ‘Perhaps I need to move toward another path.’ Everyone encounters difficulties throughout everyday life. It’s about how you react to them.”

Take a long, hard look at your yearly objectives and day by day plans for the day. Are your tasks lined up with the main goal to you? The best individuals center around achieving objectives that line up with their most profound interests and fundamental beliefs. It’s not tied in with completing everything. It’s tied in with doing what is important. Truly become more acquainted with yourself. Have the attention to what is most important to you, and the concentration to remain with it over the long term.

Fortitude is the confidence we have in our decisions to get things going. It implies challenging the downers and doing things we may not prefer to do. Fortitude is a huge piece of the innovative cycle. Style outgrow the need to communicate and rock the boat.

This year, get legitimate about what impacts you, and what separates you from the pack. Exposing your work to analysis and judgment is rarely simple. Making a bold move and adhering to your extraordinary vision is the establishment that will assist you with succeeding you face this test.

This is something we regularly hear, yet insufficient of us set up as a regular occurrence. Basically, recording your objectives makes you bound to accomplish them. “Regardless of whether it’s on a scratch pad adjacent to your bed, or a composed notice,” explains Puig, “writing down your business destinations consistently implies you’ll take a look at them consistently. It keeps you on target and continually reminds you where your concentrate needs to go.”

Much of the time, you have generally excellent thoughts. However, they’re not tantamount to the main thing you could be doing. What’s more, you need to settle on the hard decisions. These are what will help overcome the current challenges and keep everything on track.

Slow down and set aside the effort to make a specific vision that lines up with your objectives. Close your eyes and picture the things you’ll do in the following year, or the achievements you’ll hit in the following decade. Try not to be reluctant to plan for an impressive future. Envision how it will feel and the subtleties of the scene. While that may sound difficult, especially amid the current economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s an attitude that’s more important than ever. Maintaining that drive that got you started as an entrepreneur should be rekindled now in order to move forward into the new year and keep the business running strong.