Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses the importance of cost accounting in project management

For a business to be successful, it needs an enormous measure of cognizance of the complete benefits and misfortunes of its exercises. In any case, for genuine accomplishment, it additionally has to know the equivalent for every one of its benefit places, every one of its divisions and every one of its undertakings. Ann Marie Puig, a successful business owner and philanthropist from Costa Rica, shares insight into how to suitably watch cost accounting to viably manage a company’s endeavors.

“Utilize cost accounting to extend point by point cost data about your current tasks and much more effectively plan your affiliation’s money related possibilities,” states Puig. “An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) course of action that consolidates a cost bookkeeping section can empower the business to distribute its resources even more capably and absolutely.”

Cost accounting empowers executives to learn costs precisely by considering both variable and fixed expenses. It also assists with assessing costs of all segments of the business, consolidating costs related to things, systems, exercises and arrangements. This is possible through the compromise of ERP plans that can use various techniques and models to review work and method costing.

Perhaps the best-favored benefit of executing cost accounting is its capacity to diminish costs and update cost-viability. It can smooth out procedures to help see factors that are adding to waste, including explicit zones, for instance, mishandled time or surplus resources. “Investigating these centers will empower the association to diminish trivial expenses and improve the overall cost-adequacy of the organization,” says Puig.

One of the most imperative pieces of asset planning in a business is the financial spending plan. Cost accounting is at the focal point of a powerful spending design and can shape the framework to choose the genuine costs related to all business strategies and exercises, similarly as the costs for each division and the costs. By auditing the entirety of this data together, an exact picture of the overall spending plan can be envisioned to all the more promptly understand where save assets might be possible.

With cost accounting, you’ll overview all methodology inside the business, including cost-volume-advantage evaluation, assessments for new speculations and the profitability offered by various things. This can redesign the fundamental initiative structures, as cash-related choices will be driven via cautious appraisals of each budgetary impact.

Adds Puig, “By figuring in all components – for example, unregulated economy development, competitive rivals and current economic circumstances – cost accounting can help in picking authentic esteeming of things or organizations, similarly as the cost given by creators.” With this analysis, it becomes increasingly easier to make future financial decisions that will help the business run even smoother.

Cost accounting can improve departmental responsibility, as well. By more precisely considering the costs related to all parts of the business operations, managers can set goals for every office, similarly as they can with venture achievements. This will improve financial responsibility, giving every division the framework they need to keep inside the constraints of their monetary cutoff points.

“An ERP game plan that has been fittingly kept up won’t simply smooth out business structures – it will in like manner assign resources in a way that is progressively capable and monetarily shrewd,” attests Puig. “There are different game plans open – even some cloud courses of action – that will empower you to change fixed and variable costs in order to all the more promptly prepare for future expenses and pay. This is fundamental to ensure that the business becomes and can keep up its market control in a world that continues creating.”