Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses four common business mistakes female entrepreneurs need to avoid making

Female entrepreneurs have more opportunities to succeed because of digital transformation. As long as they’re willing to embrace innovation and push themselves, the digital ecosystem offers a great number of opportunities. However, there are some issues that might arise and Ann Marie Puig, an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses what they are and how to avoid them.

Following the worldwide emergency brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous organizations confronted huge difficulties, from adjusting their creation lines, to reevaluating their business channels. A significant number of them had opposed digitization for various reasons and unexpectedly had no real option except to develop and abstain from losing more. Most organizations tragically transform when issues have begun, instead of stepping up before they do.

This is justifiable, somewhat, considering the fact that the cycle can be mind-boggling, hazardous and threatening. Says Puig, “Businesses have seen that the display in our nation has a secret for the endurance of organizations, which lies in the right advanced change. Nonetheless, the trouble of this is likewise inactive since a high level of female business visionaries have not figured out how to accomplish all its digital objectives. That is the reason it is significant that companies consider this to be the primary goal.”

Business agility is characterized as the capacity of an association to respond constantly in an imaginative and inventive manner to changes. The objective is to create benefits by rapidly adjusting your framework to the climate. To actualize it, it is important to examine it through three measurements: strategic agility, tactical agility and cultural agility. The first puts an emphasis on what the organization must do to react to the market with the right item and rapidly, looking for the ideal harmony among procedure and execution. The second lies in the deftness of multidisciplinary groups for the formation of a product or arrangement and the third alludes to the workforce’s acceptance of the qualities and rules that mark the capacity of the organization to adjust to the climate, permitting you to gain an upper hand. Without a corporate culture dependent on agility, it is hard for the other two measurements to produce the normal worth.

Initiative models have not been strange to change and development. Explains Puig, “In the last century, there were progressive models and the structures in associations were inflexible. Each change inside the associations needed to confront long techniques inside the organization, lists of managers, administrations and consider internal endorsements that, in the end, wound up influencing development in organizations.”

One of the primary issues for organizations today is the means by which to continue the development of advancement, and the appropriate response is creative initiative. This conflicts with the administrative cycles, and to produce it is absolutely vital that the authoritative culture advances the idea that the individuals inside the organizations become engaged and don’t hesitate to propose changes and enhancements. Likewise, it is important that communication with ranking directors is two-way, and interestingly, these managers tune in and pay attention to these activities.

Organizations that adequately oversee changes that influence the labor force are more inclined to prevail in their targets than those that don’t. Female entrepreneurs should understand that individuals are the main portion of the digital cycle since this has more to do with individuals than with innovation because the capability of innovation is just helpful in the manner individuals use it.

Simultaneously, the speed of progress is noteworthy; neither organizations nor customers can neglect to disregard the business procedures of things to come. “Unquestionably, businesses all make an incredible model where digitization makes way for new models of conduct. In this season of extraordinary change, preparing in advanced change is one of the chances existing apart from everything else,” states Puig.