Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses key trends of the online shopping experience

The eCommerce industry is an unequivocally developing area giving no indications of slowing down. With web-based shopping presently representing practically 60% of complete retail deals eCommerce business significantly affects conventional sales and this will continue in the following years. US Census Bureau Figures demonstrate that throughout the most recent two decades, U.S. online retail sales have developed quickly, ascending from five million in 1998 to 389 million in 2016. Ann Marie Puig, a successful business owner and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses some of the trends that will be driving eCommerce growth.

In view of US Census Bureau figures, we can consider (as expected) that electronics command the market, trailed by incidental products (counting office supplies, endowments, curiosity and gifts) and apparel. At the same time, with a low position that is gaining rapidly, food and beverages are found. Puig asserts, “Without a doubt, this will advance in the coming years, as it previously did in 2016 alone: the portion of online sales about multiplied in just a single year. Sales will develop in an unexpected way, contingent upon the segment, for instance: the US toys market is set to develop by 19% between 2018 and 2022, while the outdoor supplies area will increment by 9% as it were.”

B2B will likewise be affected. B2B firms are relied upon to spend more on web-based business innovation than online retailers do. It’s how they demonstrate greater professionalism and expertise to attract more clients.

For marketing expertise and brands, there’s a key point to remember. With more customers joining on the web reviews into their purchasing choices and more customers demonstrating a tendency to compose great surveys, the advantages do appear to exceed the dangers. TripAdvisor, Yelp, shopper affiliations and company sites will be increasingly more a piece of the eCommerce industry; they all offer online item and administrations reviews, albeit 33% of Americans state web crawlers are their beginning stage for discovering suggestions.

Advanced promoting experts frequently dread online reviews in light of the fact that a negative one can possibly hurt their image. However, the advantages could be more noteworthy than the risks. Online audits can help brands sell more. That is on the grounds that reviews help customers assess their decisions and increment their trust in their choice.

The greatest potential for a lift to development in internet shopping would be venture into classifications where online sales entrance stays low – for example, food and beverage retailing. Sustenance, beer, and wine E-trade sales in the US account for around $9.1 million each year. Says Puig, “Expanded accessibility of food shopping on the web at an aggressive cost could give a critical lift over the medium term to the development of web-based shopping generally. The lines between customary retailers and web-based business administrators are probably going to be progressively obscured.”

With regards to online fraud, it is one of the most serious issues of the segment, with an immense hole between 2015 and 2017, and a more noteworthy percentage of Individuals having experienced issues with scams when making online purchases. In this specific circumstance, one thing is clear: the way eCommerce businesses respond to customer service issues will be a driving factor in their success. “Customer service can be just as important, if not more so in some instances, than offering a product or service that no one else can offer.”

There’s no doubt that eCommerce will continue to be a major component of the retail industry and will continue to grab a larger piece of the pie. More than ever, it’s vital that any eCommerce platform work doubly hard to be above the competition if it is to be successful.