Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses what it takes to be a successful business consultant

A business consultant is a professional specialized in an area of knowledge that can offer services in person or remotely. The consultant’s mission is to guide or advise individuals and companies on how to do a certain task or project. But there is more, at the request of the client, the business consultant can also execute such tasks or projects directly. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and business consultant from Costa Rica, explains what is necessary to be an outstanding business consultant.

Maintaining a leading position in digital markets is not an easy task for companies, as they constantly face the great challenge of growth. However, this challenge can be met by a business consultant. The main condition that a person who decides to be a consultant must have is to have an intermediate or advanced knowledge, in addition to a verifiable experience in a certain area of knowledge.

Being a consultant has been projected as a sustainable way to be successful and have a scalable career in the long term. There is a future and, together with current technological tools, it can be brilliant. “The work, in essence, of a consultant comes from the work of advising,” explains Puig. “The person is a full-fledged professional who provides advice and an expert look at a particular domain or field.”

The key to being a successful consultant is to do what you are really passionate about, is to get up every day with the courage to improve yourself, to add value to your clients with your knowledge and experiences. To do this, it is important to recognize what you are good at, what your talent is and from that point provide value with your services.

Although you have knowledge in various areas, there is always a niche that is your “match” or your forte, that specialty that you are passionate about and that the client needs.

Take some time to apply this formula and complete the steps to create your service offering as an online consultant. Ask yourself: what kind of service is most suitable for you right now? well, all these questions will help you form your service offer or that value proposition that you are going to send to the client.

Not all clients are for every business and, when it comes to consulting, this premise is fundamental. If you focus on having a diverse network of contacts of customers who are not interested in your niche, you run the risk of wasting time.

Adds Puig, “Defining your niche allows you to have greater clarity of where you are going to direct your business idea. It will make it easier for you to create precise practices to captivate your customers, because you can determine what their needs and interests are, as well as those areas of the market with the highest demand.”

You should keep in mind that to offer your services, you prepared and invested time (and possibly hours of sleep). Therefore, all that affects your fees, what your work costs. Ah! And remember that the right value also enhances success.

When the client contacts you, it is because they need a guide on a specialized topic. Therefore, you must look for a productive path for the client, based on supervision and counseling. Having a potential project in sight, the first thing you should do is a consultancy in which you explore the context.