Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig offers the benefits of networking for business growth

Networking, the creation of a network of contacts to create business opportunities, is one of the essential skills for entrepreneurs since they can have productive approaches that will help them build strong relationships with other people who are also looking to expand their brand. Ann Marie Puig, an entrepreneur and global business consultant, highlights the advantages of networking to promote entrepreneurship.

Networking is not sales. It is important to always keep in mind that networking is not about selling but to detect and take advantage of opportunities to meet key people who will help you in improving your professional profile. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate time to talk to people about their businesses, to find out how you can help them and how they can contribute to your knowledge. Building good relationships improves the perception of the success of the project.

You can get to know the industry. Explains Puig, “An excellent way to learn more about the business, better understand the industry and hear about the challenges faced by your contacts is by weaving an extensive network of contacts from which you can obtain reliable information about what happens to other companies.”

Networking can promote your brand. If you want to grow your business and make success rise, you must make critical contacts for it. People recommend others when they know their products and the subject behind the brand. If in a business meeting you did not deal with the prominent investor who bets on your brand, maybe you can rub shoulders with one of his contacts who could talk to him about your project.

In an ecosystem where there are countless challenges for those dedicated to entrepreneurship, the right partners are fundamental for any startup. Place yourself in positions of opportunity. Entrepreneurs feel motivated and inspired to attend certain events or meetings. However, there are many extraordinary opportunities that can arise if they impress potential investors. They have the idea of sharing, creating and communicating ideas.

Last but not least, meeting potential investors. These events attract people with different levels of experience and contexts. All of them are looking for connections, inspiration, advice, opportunities, and mentors.

Meet potential allies from national and international markets. Successful and strong connections are built when your messages are directed to the right target. As such, it doesn’t matter if your business is aimed only at the local community. Attending international meetings and reaching people from all over the world can expand your vision and improve your business approach. “Meeting other entrepreneurs, angel investors, bloggers, and other business enthusiasts will inspire you to achieve your personal improvement,” adds Puig.

There are currently 32 coworking spaces in Mexico City alone and 74 nationwide. With an approximate number of 30 coworkers per space, there are more than 2,000 people generating networking every day in Mexico, according to figures from the portal. With such a large number of diverse professionals working in different industries, the opportunity to expand your business network is enormous, and it is definitely an option that you should not miss.