Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig provides techniques and tools for managing cash flow in a business

Following and understanding income is indispensable for any business. You have to know how the measure of cash you bring into your business weighs against the sum going out. In case you’re spending more than you’re procuring, you have to make changes to abstain from leaving business.  Ann Marie Puig, a successful business owner and philanthropist from Costa Rica, provides some time-proven methods to make the best of the business’s cash flow. 
Income can succinctly be described as the cash that will come in and leaving the register.  Overseeing income means understanding up and coming costs and looking at them against records receivable just as anticipated future deals.  It’s critical to normally follow the development of assets all through your association to distinguish where your business is from a monetary viewpoint and where it will be in a while.
“Money enables a company’s power – the ability to procure the best staff, buying influence for the products and enterprises we have to develop to exploit new open doors that may emerge,” explains Puig.  Deciding when you’ll get and need to burn through cash is a piece of the planning procedure. To effectively extend income, associations can take a gander at their earlier year’s numbers as a premise of income for the next year. At that point, alter for foreseen changes, for example, new estimating, more staff and financing sources.
As the year unfurls, you should refresh your income projections to precisely reflect advancements in costs and benefits. Contrasting planned money streams with genuine stores and uses will enable you to anticipate income later.  
Another system is including money you as of now have with the money you intend to get and when you intend to get the money. After you have that number, include the amount you intend to spend of that cash.  Indeed, even the best associations discover their estimates change all the time. That is the reason it’s imperative to consistently screen your income.
For many small businesses, staying on top of cash flow management is often difficult.  Explains Puig, “In the event of a cash flow deficit, companies have a number of options to use until deposits start to come in.  Among the choices are bank loans, bank lines of credit, expediting the collection process, using leases or loans to purchase business equipment, liquidating assets or delaying payments to vendors.”
There is a wide choice of apparatuses and programming that profit simple. In case you’re not keen on setting aside the effort to comprehend the product, you might need to work routinely with an expert bookkeeper.  To pick the correct bookkeeping programming for your independent company, there are a number of easy-to-use guides that can help you determine which is the best option for your particular situation. 
Fortunately, businesses won’t always be in a position of negative cash flow – sometimes, there is a surplus of cash.  This surplus can affect future business opportunities, so make it work.  Asserts Puig, “Accountants suggest that you make the cash work for you.  You can do this by making momentary investments and utilizing the cash to satisfy obligations quicker.  Along these lines, the cash will show its utilization through produced premium or shorter advance terms.”