Ann Marie Puig discusses how to know how to choose the right business segment

Both the value proposition and market segment are problems for chicken-and-egg types. Some recommend starting the canvas from the right, that is, by the market segments. However, sometimes the value proposition doesn’t make sense. Ann Marie Puig, an entrepreneur and successful global business consultant, offers valuable insight into how to select the right market segment. […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses the steps to get any startup off the ground

Entrepreneurship is not something that can be learned in school, despite the increase in educational institutions that are including more courses on the subject. Of course, the basic principles can be taught, but the practical rules for achieving success change too quickly, and schools cannot go at the same pace. Ann Marie Puig, a successful […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses how startup entrepreneurs can best manage their time

New entrepreneurs start their startups, and suddenly, they find themselves overwhelmed by tasks that they did not plan. This can have a negative impact on your health. You can either travel back in history or learn better time management skills. Successful global business consultant and business analyst Ann Marie Puig offers time management tips to […]

Ann Marie Puig explains how startups can best gauge the success of their initiatives

An organization can keep its finances in check by continuously monitoring and looking for ways to improve its workplace operations. This will help it deliver high-quality products, as well as maintain a stable financial position. Employers must monitor and control workplace operations so they can devise strategies for improving procedures and protocols. The task of […]