Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig discusses proven sales tactics for any business

It is clear that there are a lot of articles on how an entrepreneur can figure out how to sell more products or close their business and these articles are based on well-researched and proven business methods which have been used for a long time to develop top-down approaches that can be used by you to make your business stand out. Ann Marie Puig, a global business consultant, shares her knowledge of sales tactics that are proven to be highly effective for any business.

Customers aren’t going to accept you if they think that you are following commercial content or using another business method. If you offer them what they need, they will buy from you. They will believe that your product or service will be beneficial to them. One way to make this happen is if you say something that does not agree with you at the beginning of the conversation.

Puig explains that no matter what position you hold in your organization, a debt broker or the president of your organization, you start out with a big load whenever you enter a situation where you need to win new business. Approximately four percent of individuals do not trust a salesperson, and a salesperson does not have to be a business leader to be considered one.

When you do something you do not approve of, you are the one who will most likely make someone angry. In fact, it can have a harmful effect on you. If you show potential customers that you care more about what is best for them than what you are making, you will be able to earn more money. If you want to prevent a potential salesperson from talking with a competitor, it might seem tempting.

Before you leave, the convention is to contact your customer several times. HubSpot’s insights reveal that feedback increases as much as five or six times with each touch point, so all things considered, you might be in for a very exciting experience. You can usually win more business by not calling back in most cases. When used properly, this method can be an effective way to endure other parties in a new and more powerful way that will work for most organizations, even if it won’t work for every one of them.

To ensure that your customer is able to make an informed choice regarding your product or service, you need to provide enough information about your product or service to them. You should make sure that you understand the prospects needs and wants in the following contact, as well as be clear about the product that you are offering. Providing them with a choice is crucial here. Make sure that your customer understands that they have to take the next step. This is an essential step.

In order to meet your target’s needs, you have to talk to them first, so that they understand what they want, need, and want and not just what you can offer them. When you speak to your prospective customer, make sure you focus the conversation on what they need, want, and want, rather than what you have to offer. Adds Puig, “Your future customer should be able to see that you put more effort into trying to understand their concerns than simply imposing your response.”

You should always put your customers’ needs, wants and wants first when conversing with a close customer. In order to be successful in your business, you need to know your products will meet their needs and wants before you know what to sell. If you really focus on what your potential customers want, need, and desire, you may end up having a product or service that does not meet their expectations.

Consumers make brand choices mostly based on their emotions and distance from home, as opposed to information and data. Neuro-symbolism studies on the effects of branding show that consumers are more likely to evaluate brands based on emotions and closeness to home.