Ann Marie Puig


Ann Marie Puig explains the use of artificial intelligence to increase sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most significant technological innovations in the digital revolution. It is a vital tool in many sectors, including marketing and eCommerce. It improves user experience and relationships with businesses and increases sales. Ann Marie Puig, a global business consultant and efficiency expert, discusses how AI is positively changing eCommerce results.

Puig claims that AI has evolved from a science-fiction concept to become a reality. It can process online purchases, suggest series to watch, answer questions and recommend goods and services. Machine learning is what allows AI to learn the preferences and tastes of its users.

“AI is the key to eCommerce’s growth in recent years,” adds Puig. “According to different reports, six out of ten people shop online. The average spend of buyers increased nine points last year compared with 2020.”

In recent years, AI has been a key driver of eCommerce. This data shows that online businesses should use AI to improve their websites.

First, improved customer service is clearly the benefit. AI is a major improvement in customer service. It analyzes data to develop predictive services that allow eCommerce to anticipate customer needs and queries. Chatbots are computer programs that can interact with customers to answer questions, make payments, and guide them. Puig adds that voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant allow customers to purchase products by simply using their voice.

Improved user loyalty is possible through AI. It analyzes consumption patterns individually, but also on a larger scale. eCommerce can now segment its customer base and create unique campaigns according to their preferences. Businesses can personalize their customer experience to improve user experience and increase customer loyalty.

Better logistics and inventory management can also be enhanced. Puig explains, “AI can be used in eCommerce for logistics and inventory management. These are two areas in which speed is critical to increasing business performance. AI predicts and analyzes consumer behavior and creates strategies based on it. This information allows businesses to better manage inventory, which in turn saves time and money.”

It improves image recognition. Pinterest and AliExpress regularly use AI’s image recognition capabilities for identifying the visual characteristics of a product that a customer is searching for. They also offer similar products. These platforms allow users to quickly compare photos of an item with other products in their catalog, which increases sales.

Since the beginnings of Computer Science, it has been proven that computers can solve problems based on the intelligence of humans. AI is now very accessible to the majority of people thanks to the development of specific theoretical and practical models.

We are all connected to technology today, whether we’re at home or at work. AI algorithms are constantly interacting with this technological world we live in. Software and cloud computing are behind every device that is connected to the Internet. They use AI techniques to simplify our lives. All industries, to some degree, now require AI to run many of their applications.

Puig concludes by explaining that AI can also be a great friend, since it can automate non-stop processes, greatly optimizing business performance. It can be used in email marketing to create eye-catching subject lines and personalize email bodies. To generate original content for the company’s blog, based upon keywords, or in programmatic advertising platforms that automatically purchase advertising space based the target audiences.