Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig discusses how to motivate employees working remotely

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is the current scenario for companies and is one of the biggest challenges for HR professionals. Time trial work is being worked to solve two major challenges, teleworking and temporary modification of the work routines of many positions that currently cannot develop their work on a regular basis. […]

Ann Marie Puig offers insight into how to find remote employees for an eCommerce business

Finding employees is often a dry task that is becoming more and more complicated. Every year, companies have more trouble finding the right employees for their needs. However, as challenging as it may be, finding the right remote employees is not impossible. Ann Marie Puig, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist from Costa Rica, discusses some […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses how to become a more effective workforce leader

Business leadership is not self-exercised. In addition to a person with certain characteristics and skills, strategies are needed to shape and condition the needs of each organization. There are many leaders, but not all with the same degree of effectiveness and influence. The difference between them is the decisions they make when it comes to […]

Ann Marie Puig discusses the role of FinTech lenders in a post-COVID-19 commerce environment

The biggest challenge facing SMEs in the current economic situation is access to credit and financing facilities, which was traditionally one of their biggest obstacles before the outbreak of the pandemic. The barriers that traditional financial institutions impose on small businesses and entrepreneurs have now been exacerbated; however, FinTech lenders are succeeding in meeting the […]